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abzar trade is an educational and service platform in the field of financial markets and trading tools. This website allows its users to receive alerts and signals by SMS in the forex and cryptocurrency markets. Also, this website provides useful articles and tutorials on the basics and foundations of financial markets, market analysis, the new world of metaverse, blockchain, wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. This website also enables its users to view the live price of cryptocurrencies.

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Summary of website

“Abzar Trade” is a specialized and educational website that will publish the best educational courses in Iran for you. Our goal in this collection is to gather and publish the best tutorials in the fields of blockchain, mining, Metaverse, and the most important tools related to digital currencies, all taught under the supervision of the best instructors.

Our slogan at the Abzar Trade educational site is: “Creating a reference for all individuals working in the trading field.”

Educational Articles at Abzar Trade:
In this collection, all relevant courses in the fields of blockchain and its technologies will be published, with no restrictions on your choice. Efforts have been made to publish multiple articles and tutorials on certain topics so that you can use the website according to your needs.

Abzar Trade Education:
In the field of blockchain and blockchain technologies, there has been a high demand for our team to cover all the topics comprehensively. We have provided complete coverage of basic and general tutorials such as building wallets (building trust wallets, building Metamask, etc.), covering topics from basic education to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and on-chain analysis to price action, various indicators, and oscillators.

We have also included tutorials on earning dollars from blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox, and Star Atlas on the Abzar Trade website. Additionally, the practical section introduces projects and NFT collections, which have gained a large number of enthusiasts.

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In addition to the educational topics being taught at Abzar Trade, efforts have been made to include a news section on digital currencies focusing on international news, Iran news, exchange news, DeFi news, mining news, and reports and analyses, including analyses of currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Forex analyses have also been conducted, including analyses of Euro to Dollar, Pound, and Gold.

In the Abzar Trade collection, we have published articles on exchanges and available platforms, which you can use if you intend to work in the blockchain and digital currency field. On this site, we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, translated and written specifically for the Abzar Trade collection and editorial team, ensuring there are no learning obstacles.